Andrea Teutli Walsh

Andrea Teutli Walsh


I remember when I was very young I would climb up to the rooftop of my house and I would photograph the sky. I would find different shapes and wonderful creatures and, I would photograph them. I would use up rolls and rolls of film on these cloud formations and I would write down on my notebook the number of picture and the image I saw.

When I was 15 years old I discovered the developing process, I recall the first photograph someone took of me with a pinhole camera, this process amazed me! There is where my passion began!

And then I discovered the dark room, the developing process, that peculiar smell of the chemicals which made me fall in love. Since then I would spend any free time I had in the dark room, developing, experimenting, duplicating and inspiring me even more to explore new techniques. Later on, I taught a pinhole camera workshop for children, I wanted to share that fascination which I had encountered. Throughout the years I have left aside my passion for working in the dark room however, I haven’t left aside my passion for photography. It is still alive and today more than ever, through my most precious sense, I seek to express and share even more of myself!

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Earth, Wind & Fire. Present, past & future. An ancestral heritage. My past has built my present strenght for making the most of my future.


Suave pero picuda. Elegant softness and dangerous sharpness that offers so many pleasures.


Reaching out. Firm, strong, tall, open… a history of nature from which we learn.


Passion flower (Passiflora). This beautiful flower, encountered by accident, reminds me of my grandmother’s memories when growing up in California.


Taking me back. This common image brings me back to my beautiful Mexico.


Cloud link. A deserted sky with only two clouds holding on with all their might.


Mystic morning. A  rare occurrence which gives you the feeling of greatness to come.


Self-portrait. Building myself back together.


Cloud Lace. As if the sky were wearing a beautiful gown.


The Power of Light. So much power that makes your entire body tremble.


Going South. An old railway track along the Mexican border which makes you think of the stories built across.






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