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Breast Cancer Survivor’s Photo Shoot

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Photo Shoot

Buy the calndar here!


The “Pamper Me Pink” event was created to pamper 8 beautiful, brave breast cancer survivors, and to let women who are going through tough times know that there is hope and that they’re not alone.

Proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen organization for research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives in order to make the biggest impact against this disease.

Pink Out Book

Photography: Adrian Correa Organizer: Liz Jakubisin

You can find their work over at: and on INSTAGRAM: @the_lifestyle_photographers

Things I want to tell women photographers

Things I want to tell women photographers

Here are the 10 things I want to tell women photographers. These things have made me a better photographer and entrepreneur. These things are printed and hung on my office wall to remind me that I need to put them into practice. I want to share my photography journey with you at a deeper level. From my morning rituals to incantations. Weaknesses, strengths, adventures and experiments. My goal is to help women photographers trust their gut and focus on their profession. I want them to stick to it and become amazing entrepreneurs. Never letting anyone´s “no” get in the way of their “why”.

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Backpacker in Varanasi, India

Backpacker in Varanasi, India

Backpacker in Varanasi, India

By Liz Jakubisin

The air breathes with prayers and sacrifices.

I´m the backpacker in Varanasi. Everywhere you look, around every corner and on every face is a constant reminder that death is near. The crematory is always busy-they burn 150 bodies a day. The houses are full of the ill, and the ill are full of expectation and pain.

They´re awaiting death, and the moment they die, they will be ground to ashes and devotedly swallowed by the sacred river, Shiva’s hair- the Ganges. If you want to be enlightened and released from the suffering involved in being subject to the cycle of repeated death and rebirth your ashes need to be thrown in the Ganges. No children under the age of 7 get burned, neither do pregnant women or holy men, a heavy stone get tied to their legs, so the sink to the ground in the river.

Children follow their parents prayers, with scared eyes they observe the passion and devotion.

The sun keeps coming out. Hope.

Thousands of people come down the holy stair case that leads to the holiest water on earth, as some belive. They come here expecting some miracle. Or just to say they have touched the water.

People do everything here. They give offerings, they bathe, swim, wash clothes, row their boats and even bring their animals to get refreshed. This is one of my favorite places on earth. Every where you look there is something unbelievable.

To see more images of the backpacker in Varanasi, route, videos (Adrian´s and mine) go to:

New Youtube channel:


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Founded in 1993 in Mexico City in “El Centro de la Imagen” with a program that brings publishing projects, conferences, specialized exhibition tables and workshops. This is a festival that takes place biannually in September and is one of the most important photographic celebrations in Mexico and Latin America.

This project is amazing, there are 40 absolutely fabulous exhibitions that contribute to the public to compare between the great master and apprentice, it’s a great way to learn how to read images. There are approximately 500 exhibits going on at the same time, where  300 of them alone are in the city of Mexico. This speaks of the dimensions photo September has taken as a photographic festival also called the month of photography. This idea came from other cities like Houston, Barcelona or Paris where there is a month dedicated to photograph.

-FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA has grown exponentially since we began in 1995 with a small group of exhibits and conferences. In 1998 FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA became a full-fledged international event, including a couple dozen exhibits in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Boston and New York. The 2000 edition of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA more than doubled in size, showcasing the work of over 180 photographic artists in 50 exhibits at galleries, art spaces, and other venues in San Antonio and other cities.

FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA 2002, included a wide spectrum of innovative photographic work from 230 artists in 75 exhibits at 62 venues in San Antonio, Boerne, Kerrville, New Braunfels, Austin, Houston, Orlando, Maryland and New York. Exhibiting photographers came from Peru, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Iran, Mexico, India and the USA.

These are just a few of the wonderful women that have had exhibits on Fotospetiembre:

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Kashmir, India

Kashmir, India


By Fernanda Morales


Kashmir and Jammu are located on the northern border of India. Colliding with Pakistan, Kashmir’s state, is a land that has ongoing disputes between India’s and Pakistan’s governments for this regions control.
Kashmir is also concidered by it’s inhabitants as “paradise on earth” the reason is that the land is situated in the middle of a spectacular landscape of mountain chains of the Himalayas. This is where the highway with the highest altitud is situated, Karakorum, a winding highway that connects China, Pakistan and India.


La región de Cachemira y Jammu se localiza en la frontera norte de la India. Colindante con Pakistán, el estado de Cachemira, es un territorio sometido a constantes disputas entre los gobiernos de la India y Pakistán por el control de la región.

Cachemira es también conocido entre sus habitantes como “el paraíso en la tierra” ya que se sitúa en medio de un espectacular paisaje formado por una parte de la cadena montañosa de los Himalayas. Ahí se encuentra la carretera con mayor altitud de la tierra, la de Karakórum, una sinuosa autopista que conecta por vía terrestre a China, Pakistán y la India.

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The War of Art: Advice to the artist to be!

The War of Art: Advice to the artist to be!


The War of Art (buy it here!)

The voices in the artist’s head:

What does it mean to be an artist? Why should I consider myself one? Who said photography was art anyway? There are many photographers already, it’s oversaturated. Resistance; all of these are obstacles to your success this is the psychology of creation.

The artist feelings:

Apathy, Sabotage, Procrastination, always comparing yourself to others, I’m not original!

Here is the advice that I’ve taken into my own creative process:

1) Nothing is original. (From the book: Steal Like an Artist- buy it here!)

NothingIsOriginalAustinKleonOn the other hand:

2) It’s not about your photography it’s about YOU! And your STORIES and how you present them. What you see and how it makes you feel. How you make others feel. An that is ALL original!

3) Nothing happens worth while that you don’t put HARD work into. You have to do things meticulously, and sometimes over and over again before you nail it.








4) Create a Routine


5) The artist is a collector and this APP *Evernote is great to collect anything from the internet like websites, images, videos, articles and more. You can even have folders and tags. It’s really neat! 😉IMG_3401evernote-icon


6) A photo that isn’t printed is not a photo, it’s a digital file. Print your photos!


7) Fake it till you make it. You will not be perfect the first time around, but as the old saying goes “Practice makes perfect” . Don’t stop because you made a mistake, get over your mistake. I promise you’ll get better with TIME.

“Every breath we take, every heartbeat, every evolution of every cell comes from God and is sustained by God every second, just as every creation, invention, every bar of music or line of verse, every thought, vision, fantasy, every dumb-ass flop and stroke of genius comes from the infinite intelligence that created us in the universe and all its dimensions, out of the Void, the field of infinite potential, primal chaos, the Muse. To acknowledge that reality, to efface all ego, to let the work come through us and give it back freely to its source, that, in my opinion, is as true to reality as it gets.” S. Pressfield

“Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor it’s a gift to the world and every being in it don’t, cheat as of your contribution, give us what you’ve got!” Steven Pressfield




Experience the rapturous beauty of texture….

It’s in the feeling of rubbing your finger across a smear of cold, creamy paint,

It’s in a single ruby drop falling from your finger as you imagine pricking it on a cactus needle,

It’s in the foamy, lapping waves of an ocean,

And in the puff of a cloud, luxurious and full.

These dreamy images will inspire you to find ways of communicating physical feeling within a photograph.

By Micaela Barrios



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My experience in Thailand

My experience in Thailand

By: Rhiannon Adams.

I recently spent two months teaching English in rural Thailand. Doing this was probably the best and most terrifying thing I’ve done but I’m so happy I made this choice. During the week, I taught my students their ABC’s and on the weekends I traveled to a different destination within Thailand. I think the most challenging, yet rewarding, part of this experience was teaching for the first time. Teaching transformed and helped me grow in so many ways I never anticipated. Living in a culture completely different from my own really opened up my eyes to how people live in another part of the world. I’ve learned to not take things so seriously and that everything will work itself out in the end. Here are some of my photos from my time in the land of smiles.

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Fierce Female Photographer: Wang Yao

Fierce Female Photographer: Wang Yao

Wang Yao, born in Beijing, picked up a camera at the age of 5 and hasn’t put it down since. A photography prodigy, Yao won a national award for a photo she took at age 11. She continued to achieve throughout her adolescence and adulthood, both as a reporter and as a photographer.
At the age of 11 Wang won first prize in the National Good News Story competition in 1981, for her photo New School Uniform. Her photo A 60-year-old Dancer Returns to Perform Again won the Golden Prize at the 43rd World News Photography Contest in Holland. She has reported on numerous important occasions, including two Olympic Games and the return of Macao. Wang has been a photographer for China News Press and the director of the Hong Kong branch of China News Press since 1992 when she won the China News Awards second prize for her photo of an aircraft accident in Guilin. In 1998, she again won this prize for her photo Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa Attend the First Horse Race Day after the Return of Hong Kong. Despite her many awards and accolades, Yao is quite humble. Her philosophy, that photographers have a duty to have professional morals and report the truth, speaks volumes of how special she is. As for her talent, her photos speak for themselves.

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