Sarah Grisdale in Hawaii

Sarah Grisdale in Hawaii


 Film photography fun. Sarah’s trip to Hawaii. A great way to practice is to have your boyfriend shooting while you pose and him posing too.


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Our first day in Hawaii we walked  along the beach and made turtle friends.


This is Akaka Falls. We drove here from the dry hot beach and watched the climate turn into a lush jungle. It was breath taking here.


On our drive back from Akaka Falls we stopped to get fruit, even before we bought the fruit I was more excited about getting a pic in front of the fruit stand.
The volcanoes were amazing. The smoke seeping through the earth was a magical sight.
At the volcanoes there was a cave we went into and our parents took a photo as we did a hand shake like we were in a gang. We goofed around a lot this day.
One day we rented a car and drove the furthest south we could go. We ended up at a black sand beach that was pretty empty by the time we got there in the early evening. I wanted Chris to stand next to this closed food stand because the rust reminded me of him. He bought a rusty &0’s Van in the winter and he loves everything rusty. The rusty roofs in Hawaii were his favourite.
Behind the rusty stand was this lagoon. It was so beautiful. Across the lagoon was a bunch of abounded little hut/buildings. We found a little bridge over and checked out the spot. After 10 minutes we both got very spooked out and ran. We got home later and did some research about the place we were exploring and it happened that the exact spot was an old Hawaiian ritual spot where rituals were preformed, even human sacrifice.
These birds were spotted on our walk. They weren’t very friendly but they were neat looking!
The most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen! Me and my boyfriend were driving back from the South of Hawaii towards Kona and we had to pull over to take this pic.
A beach in the South of Hawaii called Green Sand beach. The title is self explanatory. I just wanted to get the cliff and the water for this pic because the Green sand was covered in tourists.
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Me and my boyfriend Chris cliff jumping at the most southern point of the U.S.A. you can go.
Chris goofing off. He always makes me laugh.
Pretending to be a Leopard in the jungle. We found a bridge that led to this little abandoned community. We found a wrecked old resort that we walked through a bit. After about 15 minutes both my boyfriend and I got spooked and then ran away. When we got home we looked up the location and apparently the spot we were exploring used it be an ancient locations were Hawaiians sacrificed and practiced other rituals.
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I would chase schools of fish around, it was really fun and serene.

 These photos were taken using an underwater camera off Waikola Beach. We went on a family snorkelling trip. It was our last day in Hawaii and we were making the most of it.

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