Suzhou, China: Footprints in the Far East

Suzhou, China: Footprints in the Far East

By Micaela Barrios

My time in China has blown me away and this is only just the beginning. My first two weeks were spent in a quiet, cozy town of 7 million (this is quite small for China) called Suzhou. I loved the laid-back, wealthy, fresh vibe I got from this city and I would love to go back again in the future to visit more of its famed gardens.

Before I came to China, I had ideas of what it might be like. China has blown them all away. This country is both everything I expected and nothing like I expected all at once, and I can’t wait to jump in and explore the wild concrete jungle of the mega city I live in today. For now, enjoy a taste of little Suzhou.

This is at the famous Lion Forest Garden, an elaborate and elegant place that was once the home of a wealthy family. The intricate wall was made to be photographed.
A scene from historic Shantang Street- this ancient road is over 1100 years old. Mind-blowing.
Willow trees gently blowing on Pingjiang Road. Pingjiang road is a World Heritage site & is the reason many people come to see Suzhou. Being that it is such a hot spot for tourists, there were many foreign faces like mine and my travel companions. Still, it was great to imagine we were still in ancient China.
A shot of a bar in Pingjiang district where many of my new friends shared a night to (try to) remember. It looks as warm and intriguing as I remember.
Art-chitecture spotted on my morning jog around Jinji Lake.
More Shantang street magic.
Sunset over Shantang. The kind of magical beauty that makes your heart skip a beat.
KTV’s are Chinese karaoke bars. You can rent private rooms, order food and alcohol, and sing the night away. This is a shot in the foyer of our group’s private room. I love the modern feel of the decor. This night was one for the books.
IMG_3041 IMG_3042
I fell in love with this adorable creature at Mimi’s Cat Cafe in Pingjiang district. Can you feel the love?
IMG_4952 IMG_3040 IMG_3039 IMG_3038 IMG_3037-2 IMG_2989 IMG_1701
More Shantang street magic.
No trip would be complete without ladies night out in the fancy lakeside district of Suzhou. This is a shot of me with one of our fantastic hosts, Lilian. The Chinese people I’ve met are quick-witted, generous, and a lot of fun-exactly like my friends in America. I love finding evidence of just how similar human beings are. Appearance is just a shell that houses a soul.
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