TEXTURES by Edward Weston

TEXTURES by Edward Weston

“The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?”- E.W.

American photographer that was known to use a camera plate format 18 x 24 cm. He was one of the most committed artist in the history of photography . Weston took time to establish himself. From around 1906 he was a door-to-door portraitist and then a pictorialist making soft focus pictures. In the mid-1920s he became a leading proponent of ‘straight photography and in 1932 a founding member of the California group of 64.  The ‘straight’ aesthetic full with impressions and ideas in favor of things which were carefully registered and yet always had enough weirdness to make them interesting.


Edwar Weston (1886-1958)

After returning from a period in Mexico, in 1921 he met Tina Modotti an italian photograper, artist, model and political activist, who became his lover.



And so between 1923 in 1925 he maintained his studio in Mexico and was associated with the artistic movements of the time. The influence of his friend and painter Diego Rivera created a complete change in his style.

During his stay in Mexico he maintained friendships with Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Nahui Ollin and Frida Kahlo.



Weston lived between 1929 and 1934 at Carmel on the Pacific coast where he made pictures based on the eroded rocks and weathered vegetation of the shoreline.
He would often take close-ups of objects like seashells vegetables and rocks which are now referred for their timeless quality. His aim was always achieving the perfect print.






Art Reflection



“My work-purpose, my theme, can most nearly be stated as the recognition, recording and presentation of the interdependence, the relativity, of all things ‒ the universality of basic form.” – E.W.

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