Yvette Ojeda

Yvette Ojeda


My interest in Photography started when I was a young girl about 13 years old. I was given my first camera for a school field trip to Washington D.C.I will never forget, it was a black Kodak Ektramax 110 with a flash, a sleek looking camera for that time period.  I was very excited to use it and took all kinds of pictures.  Looking back through the photos I took on that trip it was apparent that many different things caught my eye. As time went by I continued taking photos but never really thought to go to school or get some sort of formal training. I just took pictures whenever I had the chance.  Then 15 years ago I moved back to San Antonio and reconnected with one of my hobbies; wrestling. In Texas, wrestling has always been  very popular and I just loved everything about it.  I loved watching the wrestlers as they squared off with each other in the ring. Some were so graceful and others downright brash. They exhibited great athletic ability and were so entertaining.  So I attended every show I could with my camera in hand, always searching for “the shot”.  And from there my passion for Photography was reignited. I started taking pictures of anything and everything I thought was interesting and beautiful. I still have no formal training other than  reading articles, watching instructional videos and getting tips from a few friends who are photographers. But now feel more aware of what I am doing with my camera.  Whenever I felt my abilities had improved I would get enough courage to volunteer to take pictures for my family and friends at their special events. Sometimes the photos came out great and others presented the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.  Taking pictures is very personal to me and I love to capture moments in life. It is my hope that the photos I take speak to your heart, inspire you and allow you to see there is beauty in even the simplest of things.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas



One of the many peaceful ponds at the Denver Botanical Gardens. The early evening sky can be seen in the reflection of the water.

IMG_7092Water trickles down the moss covered acequia at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens eventually ending up at the East Texas Lake.

IMG_1723At the Denver Botanical Garden, a school of hungry Koi swim right up to the surface with the hope of catching a bite to eat.

IMG_3229My daughter Kayla, traipsing across the rocks in a pond amidst the steer sculptures in the Dallas Pioneer Plaza on a cloudy Spring day.

IMG_3901A close up view of the Overland Gourd that was built for the San Antonio Botanical Garden. It was designed from a Purple Martin gourd. It acted as a human size bird house that was meant to inspire creativity and imagination.

IMG_9953In the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Forest stands the Stanley Hotel. It is known for its rich history and architecture . Looking up one can see the Bell Tower surrounded by beautiful fluffy white cumulus clouds.

IMG_2608A close up view of the vibrantly colored Hibiscus. The center of this flower looks like a 5 pointed star beneath a robust yellow anther and 5 fiery red stigma on the tip.

IMG_5217Island Rat and Winner’s Circle light up the night during the annual “Balloons over Horseshoe Bay Resort” during the balloon glow.

IMG_4420A look of anguish crosses Local Indie Wrestler Mojo’s face as Madness chokes him out on the middle rope. In the end, Mojo breaks free and ultimately wins this match.

IMG_9827Benny Bravo takes a leap of faith as he does a front flip off the top rope hoping to land on top of his opponents, The Ultra Violet Beast Masada, Mr. B and E.B.S. and Dillon Divine.







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